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In the early 90s something happened, a movement of young British musicians swept into the world and touched the lives of all that heard. Influenced heavily by the swinging 60s, Britpop had arrived. At the exact same time, leaving school and searching for what was next in life four guys Steve, Justin, Jimmy and Emlyn met for the first time and have been playing music together ever since!


Everything was cool Britannia, and there seemed a new hope that was captured within the very soul of anthemic terrace chants that swelled from within the Great British music scene.


Like all good things this period came to an end, but not forgotten!


The Britpop Collective are doing exactly that. A collective of musicians bought together by their influence and love of the 90s. Successfully recapturing this great period, the aim is to relive the glory years with a song on the lips and a smile in the heart.


From playing our local to a load of mates, weve gone on to play to 10,000 people in Mote Park, Maidstone and the highlight of our lives playing Cool Britannia Festival in Knebworth. The exact same place of the infamous Oasis gig in 1996! The greatest days of our lives, lets keep them alive!



For more information please email contact@thebritpopcollective.co.uk or call Scott on 07947 244 099